Review of Shimano Tiagra 50W Reel

A favourable critique of the Shimano Tiagra 50W Reel

Shimano Tiagra 50W Reel

shimano tiagra 50W reel

Shimano defines it as their number one reel of choice for serious offshore anglers.
This two speed lever drag game reel boasts the loudest ratchet of any production reel.
It’s built with true Shimano quality with an all-aluminium frame. It holds a lot of line
and is ideal for large game fish such as Black Marlin and Large Tuna. An all-round fantastic
reel that’s built to last. Known for being fail proof and accountable to its treated
stainless steel ball bearings that is said to make it 10 times more resistive to corrosion
and at Xtreme Fishing Charters we see no reason not to believe it. A healthy investment in
your future of big game offshore fishing and the reason we use them at Xtreme Fishing Charters.


Series:     Tiagra

Family Type:     Lever Drag

Key Features:     Cold-Forge Aluminium Construction

Ball Bearings:    6

Maximum Drag:     33 – 39lb

Retrieve Per Crank Range:     36/41 – 15/22