Can Fish See Fishing Line?

Can Fish See Fishing Line

fish eye

Yes, if we can see it so can fish. Fish base their survival on their eye sight as well as scent and vibration. Contrary to humans it has been scientifically proven that as fish age their vision gets better! This is possibly the reason big fish are harder to catch as they are harder to fool. For this reason we at Xtreme Fishing Charters use Camo Flourocarbon Leader, at the head of technological innovation the science is impressive. Fluorocarbon is made from 100% polyvinylidene fluoride which attempts to match the light refractivity of water and is virtually invisible underwater. This innovation is based on how a hunters camouflage does. It breaks up visual patterns so that it blends into the background of its surroundings. This line is also heavier and more resistant to abrasion making it last longer and sink faster.

Photo courtesy of Graham Fenwick Photography